Manel, the Catalan group with the greatest national and international projection in recent years; the reinvented Novedades Carminha, the Galician band most fashionable in Spain; the unique Joe Crepúsculo with his techno-pop full of synthesizers; and the young Ortiga, who being just 24 years old devastates the national festivals with his solo project. Those are the names that add to the already known Maika Makovski and Bronquio on the Cranc’s line up.

One of the greatest confirmed names for this fourth editions are Manel, the only artist singing in Catalan to enter the top of Spain, for the last four consecutive albums. Manel will perform at Cranc presenting their new album, Per la bona gent (2019). Other of the great attractions of this year are Novedades Carminha. They will visit Menorca for the first time with its continuously reinvented musical formula – from the punk of its beginnings, passing through a charanga with reminiscences of trap and finally placing itself in a mix between dancehall and a thug pop with touches of hip hop – that have turned them in one of the most desired groups nationwide. Joe Crepúsculo has been also confirmed, with his music full of synthesizers, its characteristic relentless voice and eloquent lyrics, it has become one of the top state-level exponents of techno-pop. The artist will take the opportunity to review his tenth album, a compilation of great hits presented on the occasion of his ten years of solo career. The last announced artist of this round is this young man of 24 years old, Ortiga. After the dissolution of “Esteban and Manuel”, he decided to launch a solo project. Manuel González (Ortiga) has developed a promising fresh and casual proposal, in which he combines the music of verbena with salsa and merengue. These four names are added to the already known Maika Makovski and Bronquio, with which we can get an idea of the very high level of the lineup of Cranc Illa de Menorca Festival 2020.

Cranc, that will take place on May 28, 29 and 30 in Cala Figuera of Maó and Claustre del Carme, still has many new features to announce, but this year’s edition is named “Els 20 of Cranc 2020 ”(Los 20 del Cranc 2020), as it has a mix of styles that make it one of the most attractive small format festivals in Spain.

In its origins, Cranc Festival offered the Menorcans the possibility of enjoying top-level artists on the island of Menorca. Today, and after three editions growing, Cranc has become a festival of reference also in the rest of Spain, where music lovers can live a festival that combines a variety of musical styles in a reserve of the biosphere, an idyllic and unbeatable place that offers much more than a musical experience.