Cranc & Menorca

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Sustainable Cranc

Cranc Festival takes place in Menorca, a paradise declared a biosphere reserve. From the organization of the festival we want to create experiences – both for the people of the island and visitors – but for us, it is very important that this activity does not involve damage to the environment. Therefore, we work to make Cranc a sustainable, ecological and environmentally committed festival.

One of our main purposes is to reduce the amount of waste we generate during the festival. Therefore, from the fourth edition of Cranc, we will eliminate physical tickets to minimize the use of paper. All tickets of Cranc Festival has to be purchased online and we encourage all attendees to come with their tickets on the phone to avoid unnecessary use of ink and paper.

On the other hand, cashless will be the only payment method at the festival. We will not use tickets, tokens or any other system that involves paper.

For all waste we will generate inevitably, we will facilitate recycling and reuse. There will be bins and containers in strategic points to promote recycling. Besides that, we will use the unique and reusable glass for drinks. We work with Ekomon, company that manufactures this type of glasses for festivals and large events. Ekomon is part of an international association that contributes to water purification and water well construction programs in order to reduce the number of people without access to drinking water.

The festival takes place in an accessible space on foot. We do not want to reserve parking space nearby to encourage attendees to come on foot, by bicycle or public transport. In addition, one of the actions that we are preparing for this edition is a bus line that will link different towns of the island to facilitate access to the festival.

We are also making an energy and resource optimization plan for the days of the festival. Our goal is to minimize water and electricity expenditure and achieve efficient consumption.

In 2019, we start promoting the use of organic and fair trade products within our premises, as well as in the activities parallel to the concerts. For the next editions, we will keep improving these initiatives.

In the next years we will continue working to minimize our impact on the environment, and as part of this whole initiative, we believe it is important that we create awareness about it. Therefore, through communication, both in social networks and during the festival, we will try to transmit our values ​​to all festival attendees.