Cranc Art

CRANC ILLA DE MENORCA FESTIVAL is known as a festival that mixes music, art and culture. Since the beginning, the Cranc Festival wanted to be a platform to introduce and promote artists from different fields. That is why we created Cranc Art, a space that hosts an art exhibition during the festival.

Last year, we had the exhibitions of Antía Van Weill, Julieta Oriola and Cossiol by Marta Juan, who created and designed the image of Cranc 2020.

Here it is what we have prepared for this year!

iLuminam is a collective specialized in large-format visual shows and architectural mappings. They were in charge of creating the largest mapping ever carried out in Menorca, La luz de la Biosfera. A visual spectacle in which the history of Menorca as a Biosphere reserve was told on an area of more than 700m² on the façade of the Ciutadella Cathedral.